Happy Birthday, Charles Parker!

Time just seems to fly with you…

Time that is measured in moments spent playing superheroes and riding bikes. Eating your favorite chocolate fudge sundaes (with extra cherries) and ordering in pepperoni pizza and that Moana movie we’ve watched a million times. Hearing your knock-knock jokes and singing your silly songs. Dropping you off at school and dying to pick you up again before I’ve even left the parking lot. Swinging at the playground, splashing at the pool, and visiting Sam the Dragon. Running your bubble baths and brushing our teeth in the bathroom mirror, your reflection right under mine. Tickling you to tears and hugging you extra tight, just in time for a bedtime story and a kiss goodnight.

Those moments matter more to me than words could ever express. Every second I spend with you, every minute and every hour, is the best time of my life. You have filled my days and nights with countless memories, boundless love, and infinite joy. If I could, I would stop the clock, slow its hands, and turn back the dial, just so I could love you a little more, for a little longer.

This birthday I’m wishing you time to learn, adventure, and explore. Time to do and experience your favorite things, with your favorite people. To be little and to be wild. Wishing you time to be a kid in the loudest, rowdiest, root’n’tootiest way possible and be perfectly yourself.

I hope you look back on these memories and moments someday with a smile and warm heart. I hope you know there is never a better time than right now… To tell someone you love them. To start something new. To face your fears and chase your dreams. I hope you always take the time to do what makes you happy and be kind.

And I hope you know my heart for you is timeless. It cannot be measured or contained. I will love you like there is no tomorrow, now and every day after. You are the infinity stamp on my soul, babe. My forever and my always. My true love everlasting.

Happy 6th Birthday, sweet boy!

This is on account of my loving you forever.




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