Redeemer: Part One

From Instruments in the Redeemerโ€™s Hands by Paul David Trip.

Dedicated to the love of my life: In the spirit of being the change I want to see, this is to you… For us.

What things did you see in this person that made you want to marry him?

I was 14 years old when I met Colton. It was my first highschool football game. He stood right next to me, under those starry Friday night lights, and I swear I forgot how to breathe. 

I wouldn’t call it a spark: It was more like raging, burning fire. And, after that first night, I fell for him hard and fast. Nothing holding me back. No one telling me not to. It was just kismet… There are no other words for it. He walked in, and it was like nothing else mattered. 

And, the truth is, I wanted to marry Colton before I even knew him. I prayed for someone like him my entire life, and I truly believe he was chosen for me. To teach me. To show me how to love. To make me into the person I’m supposed to be. Now, maybe that sounds trite. Or plain bat-shit. But, when you know, you just know. 

He made me feel like I was worth something.

Because he saw something in me that other people didn’t.

Because he knew me better than I knew myself at times.

And he was tender. And kind. And warm.

I could trust him. He was safe. 

I looked at him, and I saw forever – a partner, my best friend. 

Someone who would sing with me in the car and hold my hand in the grocery store.

Someone who would come home from work to my messy bun and sweatpants and pull me into bed.

Someone who would coach little league games and rock our babies to sleep.

Someone who would kiss me goodbye and hold me tight every single night.

I wanted to marry him, because he is my soulmate. 

And there is no one on this planet who could ever make me feel this deep. Or love this big. It will always be him. Only him. 

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