Hey, Beautiful!

Welcome to my blog – a proverbial extension of my home. No judgement here. No expectations. Mi casa, su casa, girl!  Grab a seat and a glass of wine, and feel free to stay a spell.

I’m Schreese Breinig – twenty-something mom/wife/entrepreneur, from small-town Nebraska. I enjoy pizza and a stiff Captain and Coke… not necessarily together, though either goes great with just about anything. I live in a messy bun, over-sized tee, and a few extra coats of mascara. I’m a girl’s girl, a careful optimist, and a creative dreamer who has a lot to say, with an occasional sprinkle of profanity.

Fundamentally, I believe in:

  • Having deep, meaningful conversation with one another
  • Disagreeing peacefully and thoughtfully
  • Creating in a manner that is genuine and fulfilling for the soul
  • Loving each other well

I’m here to share what inspires me, live in my truth, embrace my flaws, and put it out there – despite every insecurity – for your consumption. Hopefully, you can relate to what I have to say: Hopefully, it makes you feel something. And hopefully, we can share a few laughs along the way.

Don’t be a stranger!


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